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Artists Charity Calendar Callout – Winners Announced

ISOLAS LLP & Fiduciary Group, in conjunction with the Peter J Isola Foundation, earlier this year invited artists to submit a piece of artwork which, if selected, will feature in the ISOLAS & Fiduciary annual calendar.

Local artist Christian Hook was appointed to judge the submissions and choose the winning pieces of art, which are as follows:

1st Place: Mark Montovio with Judge II “Judge II is part of a body of work that explores social systems, conditioning, judgement, and personal growth. It is a very personal piece of work, but nonetheless the viewer is invited to engage with it, and ask how ready they are to take judgement and how equipped they feel to judge others.”

2nd Place: Gail Francis-Tiron with Marine Doodle “This year I have discovered the possibilities of letting your imagination run riot by using acrylic paint pens. The summer season inspired me to create Marine Doodle, which is dedicated to my love for the sea. Entering the Artists Charity Calendar Callout was also another way to help contribute to worthy causes.”

3rd Place: Osborn Raj with The Alleyway “A few months back I was walking through an alleyway where there was sunlight on one part, shade on the other, and water flowing through the middle, dividing it exactly in half. It just looked unique to me, so I took a picture and edited it a bit. The picture conveys the message to just ‘go with the flow’, and you will be out of the dark area and will find light ahead.”

The other 9 artists who will have their artwork feature in the 2022 calendar are: Beatrice Garcia, Sebastian Rodriguez, Sharon Soussi, Monica Popham, Wanda Bush, David Fothergill, Gavin Garcia, Tessa Neish, and Alzbeta Znamenska.

The 12 selected pieces will be displayed at Portland House, after which they will be auctioned at a dinner hosted by ISOLAS LLP and Fiduciary Group with all proceeds donated to charity of the artist’s choice. Date and venue for the dinner to be confirmed during 2022.


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