The Peter J Isola Foundation

The Peter J Isola Foundation Donates £10,000
towards Mental Health Initiatives and Support

The PJI Foundation is delighted to support four mental health charities in their efforts to afford the best provisions possible. The work done by these charities is invaluable and the foundation is proud to support them in their endeavours.  This began with the “PJI 365 Initiative” where Darren Grech and Anna Baglietto swam a minimum of 1km every day of 2021, tallying in excess of 700km all swam in the sea.


•             Club House Gibraltar – Education and Employment Program

•             GibSams – Outreach Programme. 

•             The Mental Welfare Society – Advocate Training

•             The Happiness Foundation – Resilient Children Education Project


Clubhouse offers an environment for people with mental health problems which provides respect hope, dignity, and opportunities to help people reach their full potential. Clubhouse provides education and employment opportunities in accordance with the individual’s needs and capabilities with the aim to help build up their confidence, self-esteem and empower them to progress and develop so that they can lead independent and fulfilling lives.


GibSams provides a confidential helpline/chat service which offers a listening service to anyone experiencing distress, despair, or suicidal feelings.  They have worked hard since its inception to remove the stigma associated with mental health in Gibraltar and to encourage people to talk about their problems. Although much progress has already been made in this regard, there is still much to be done.


The Happiness Foundation is a dynamic solutions-focused, responsive, and innovative charity that boosts Mental Wellness, Resilience, Emotional Intelligence, Success Intelligence, Happiness, and Peace of Mind.  They promote Positive Psychology to build resilience and mental wellness and tackle challenges such as Depression, Anxiety, Anger, Trauma, Stress, Self-Harm, Eating Disorders, Relationship breakdown, Abuse, Phobias.


The Gibraltar Mental Welfare Society established in 1975 is a pressure group that has been advocating for change in provisions and the way in which mental health services are offered and provided. They also offer advice and support to members of the community, service issues and family members, and as a result of this endeavours to create awareness on specific issues.


Darren Grech said: ‘I am delighted that the Peter J Isola Foundation has donated £10,000 towards extremely worthy mental health initiatives.  I am personally very happy that this money will now be put to excellent use by the various charities who work so very hard for our community and who continue to provide assistance to individuals and groups who live with mental health conditions.  It is an honour and a privilege for Anna Baglietto and myself to be a part of this charitable endeavour.’


Genevieve Bossino-Soussi, Trustee of the PJI Foundation said “We are very pleased to be able to continue supporting mental health initiatives within our local community. These charities are working tirelessly for our community and continue to offer invaluable support to services users and the Mental Health Service.”

Mayor’s Awards Ceremony 2022

The annual Mayor’s Awards Ceremony was held on 5th April 2022. 

The Chief Minister The Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP attended the Ceremony held at the Mayor’s Parlour in City Hall. 

Following nominations from members of the public and endorsed by the Awards Board, His Worship the Mayor, Mr Christian Santos GMD, conferred fifteen Mayor’s Award. 

This year the Mayor’s Office received over 70 nominations, a record number.

His Worship was honoured to present the Award to such deserving individuals and organisations, who he felt had gone above and beyond in so many different areas. 

It was His Worship’s privilege to meet the recipients and their guests in a ceremony which focused on the good people do in our community. 

The Peter J Isola Foundation received the Mayor’s Award  for their philanthropic work.  Full press release here

Artists Charity Calendar Callout – Winners Announced

ISOLAS LLP & Fiduciary Group, in conjunction with the Peter J Isola Foundation, earlier this year invited artists to submit a piece of artwork which, if selected, will feature in the ISOLAS & Fiduciary annual calendar.

Local artist Christian Hook was appointed to judge the submissions and choose the winning pieces of art, which are as follows:

1st Place: Mark Montovio with Judge II
“Judge II is part of a body of work that explores social systems, conditioning, judgement, and personal growth. It is a very personal piece of work, but nonetheless the viewer is invited to engage with it, and ask how ready they are to take judgement and how equipped they feel to judge others.”

2nd Place: Gail Francis-Tiron with Marine Doodle
“This year I have discovered the possibilities of letting your imagination run riot by using acrylic paint pens. The summer season inspired me to create Marine Doodle, which is dedicated to my love for the sea. Entering the Artists Charity Calendar Callout was also another way to help contribute to worthy causes.”

3rd Place: Osborn Raj with The Alleyway
“A few months back I was walking through an alleyway where there was sunlight on one part, shade on the other, and water flowing through the middle, dividing it exactly in half. It just looked unique to me, so I took a picture and edited it a bit. The picture conveys the message to just ‘go with the flow’, and you will be out of the dark area and will find light ahead.”

The other 9 artists who will have their artwork feature in the 2022 calendar are: Beatrice Garcia, Sebastian Rodriguez, Sharon Soussi, Monica Popham, Wanda Bush, David Fothergill, Gavin Garcia, Tessa Neish, and Alzbeta Znamenska.

The 12 selected pieces will be displayed at Portland House, after which they will be auctioned at a dinner hosted by ISOLAS LLP and Fiduciary Group with all proceeds donated to charity of the artist’s choice. Date and venue for the dinner to be confirmed during 2022.

£100,000 for Cancer Relief

The extraordinary amount of £100,000 will be donated to Cancer Relief Gibraltar following the fund-raising effort of the Peter J Isola Foundation earlier this month.

The Foundation set up in memory of the Hon Peter J Isola OBE has been supporting worthy local causes for many years.

Over a two week period, ISOLAS Partners Peter Isola and Neil Costa covered almost 500 kilometres in a sustained effort to raise funds for Cancer Relief. Peter cycled some 350kms over 7 days on his Wattbike, and Neil ran every day for 14 consecutive days covering over 140 kilometres.

The call for help of Cancer Relief was picked up by former Health, Care and Justice Minister Neil Costa who canvassed the participation of Peter Isola and the team at the Foundation. They set out to raise £25,000 but were overwhelmed by the public support including personal, online and corporate donations.

“At such a difficult time in our history, to have these firms and individuals stepping up and so generously donating to this excellent cause is truly humbling. Neil and I would like to thank each and every one of our supporters for their incredible kindness” commented Peter Isola.

“Cancer Relief carry out incredibly important work in our community for persons who live with cancer, and I have had the personal privilege of working closely with them. Frankly, the effort of running 10km every day is insignificant when compared to the vital work that the Cancer Relief Gibraltar team put in every day to support and help those persons who are most in need of their care.  Peter and I are both overwhelmed and extremely grateful to the great generosity of our corporate and individual sponsors”, said Neil Costa.

The Peter J Isola Foundation is proud to have been able to support Cancer Relief and grateful to all our Sponsors and supporters for making this happen.

As a small community, charitable giving is extremely important, but never more so than during this pandemic, when local charities dependent on fund raising have had to cancel their events, while providing even more vital support to those in need.

 A huge thank you to all who made this happen!

Follow this link to get to our JustGiving Page

To read more, please click on the following links: 

Gibraltar Chronicle 


ISOLAS Partners Aim To Raise Funds For Cancer Relief Gibraltar in 7-Day Challenge

Peter Isola and Neil Costa have set themselves an initial 7-day challenge to raise funds for Cancer Relief Gibraltar.

Run through the Peter J Isola Foundation, if £25,000 is raised, Neil will run 10km a day and Peter will cycle 40km a day for a full week on his Watt bike at home. If fundraising hits £50,000, Neil will continue on his 10km runs for an additional 7 days and Peter will up his cycling to 50km a day for the 7 days. In addition, Neil will shave his head! Peter and Neil are looking to start the initial 7-days on Friday 8 May, VE day. The foundation has already raised more than £15,000 and anyone can donate via the Foundation’s Just Giving page:

Cancer Relief Gibraltar has been providing support to people living with cancer in the community for over 30 years. It offers free professional, practical, emotional and social support services, all of which are free and can be used by anyone affected by cancer; whether it is for a one-off chat or more continued support.The charity has been providing virtual services during lockdown as it continues to support the community in a safe and responsible way.

The Peter J Isola Foundation was established to celebrate the life of ISOLAS former senior partner, the Hon Peter Joseph Isola OBE, who passed away in 2006. The main goal of the Foundation is to support local charities to which Peter, and his wife Rosie, who sadly recently passed away, dedicated much of their time. The Foundation has donated funds to a substantial number of Gibraltar charities including donating £46,000 to the GHA for the purchase of a much needed ultrasound machine for the critical care unit at St Bernard’s Hospital.

Peter said: “At this extremely challenging time, local charities are concerned as donations are necessarily concentrated on the pandemic , and yet the work of local charities, such as Cancer Relief Gibraltar, has never been more vital. I am delighted that we can support a charity that does so much for our community. I wish to thank the many sponsors that have already pledged to contribute to the Peter J Isola Foundation for this hugely worthy cause.”

Neil said: “It is no surprise that members of our community have, once again in unprecedented and challenging times, demonstrated their deep bonds of solidarity with each other and highlighted Gibraltarians’ caring and giving nature. Cancer Relief Gibraltar provide vital services to many members of our community, and Peter and I hope that by this challenge, we can assist them in ensuring that they continue to help as many families as possible.

About us

The PJI Foundation was established to celebrate the life of ISOLAS former senior partner, the Hon Peter Joseph Isola OBE, who passed away in 2006.

Peter and his wife Rosie, who was awarded an MBE for her commitment and over 50 years of service to The Red Cross, were always keen to help those less fortunate; Peter spent much of his life involved in politics, helping the people of Gibraltar achieve their aspirations, whilst Rosie dedicated much of her time to charity. The main goal of the PJI Foundation is therefore to support local charities.

The Foundation has donated funds to a substantial number of charities thanks to donations made by the family, as well as the time and commitment of the staff at ISOLAS and Fiduciary, who regularly participate in fundraising activities such as cycling marathons, bakes sales and

Our friends

At The PJI Foundation, we are dedicated to working with local charities and organisations in order to provide a truly comprehensive and collaborative community support platform, combining their specific expertise and our vision to create a positive environment in Gibraltar for all members of the community.

ISOLAS and The PJI Foundation have, for example, committed to providing £30,000 to the Calpe House Trust to support their mission and help in funding the major development they are undertaking to set up a new Calpe House at a much larger facility. These new premises will provide 38 ensuite bedrooms and a large communal area to accommodate the ever-increasing number of sponsored patients travelling to London for specialised medical treatment.

The PJI Foundation, together with Sapphire Networks and Europort International Holdings, have also collected and donated £16,104 to the Gibraltar Alzheimer’s and Dementia Society, sponsoring a hairdressing salon and three reminiscing rooms at the new Dementia Day Care Centre; a much-needed facility which will support people living with Dementia in the community, as well as their families and friends.

These funding projects are aimed at ensuring the continuity of the fantastic service these charities provide to the Gibraltarian community for many years to come. See more of our friends below.

“A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.”

— Nelson Mandela

Apply now

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‘Gifts that Give Back’ Initiative Raises £20,000 for Local Charities

Reaching Out Gibraltar Charity Newsletter

In December, Kusuma Trust and The PJI Foundation launched an exciting new charitable giving initiative which saw 18 popular local businesses commit to making a charitable donation to the of value of a percentage of sales for that month. Over the last few weeks the final donations through the initiative have been collected and our team our extremely pleased to announce that a grand total of £20,000 has been raised, largely in the form of stock goods and vouchers, which has been distributed between 9 hardworking local charities. We would like to thank all of the philanthropic businesses that participated in the initiative as well as, of course, the local shoppers who visited these shops and supported the campaign.

Last year, Kusuma Trust Gibraltar and The PJI Foundation partnered together to produce a Gibraltar charity newsletter entitled Reaching Out, with over 7000 publications distributed locally every quarter in the Gibraltar Magazine and shared widely online. The newsletter aims to give a voice to local charities and let the community know about all the good work these organisations are doing.

It is The PJI Foundation’s hope that the newsletter will become a positive vehicle through which people will all be able to participate in and contribute towards our campaign to bolster continued and growing support for the charitable sector in the community.

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